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Care Home Debt Recovery Specialists

We Can Lend A Hand...

CCICM is the undisputed market leader in debt recovery in the healthcare sector..

“Our clients consist of NHS Hospitals, Health Boards, Care Homes and Private Hospitals. We work extensively with Local Authorities, Central Government Departments and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s)”

With extensive knowledge in the recovery of care home debt, we are perfectly placed to manage relationships between local government, NHS CCG’s and the care home sector. We know the right people to talk to! Over time, we have established a network of collaborative relationships with many Local Authority commissioners and their Finance Managers and have relationships with NHS Care Commissioning Groups. We have key contacts within Central Government Departments and CCG’s Our results accentuate that we know the right people to talk to when breaking down barriers to reach a successful resolution.

Our experience and understanding of single and multiple funding sources is why we are the perfect partner to unravel complex issues to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

Our team are experts in understanding reasons for non-payment which is not always a refusal to pay. We are sensitive when dealing with bereaved relatives and understand that many issues relate to probate, where people are waiting for CHC funding or where the correct documentation is not in place. Knowledge of the commissioning of care packages and all the component parts means that we can get to the root of an issue very quickly to enable resolution and a rapid release of funds.

We are fully compliant in the protection of personal identifiable information. We know some of your customers are vulnerable and our team are highly trained to ensure every one of your customers is dealt with respect and sensitivity. CCICM have detailed policies on how to deal with vulnerable customers based upon a range of accepted definitions.

Our approach is collaborative

Our goal is to preserve and strengthen the relationships that exist between all parts of the care sector community. We recognise the need for empathy and understanding when dealing with those in care.

We also recognise the inter dependence that exists between funders and care providers and the importance of a fully functional credit control system. We work within this system, to resolve problems between funders and care providers by creating solutions and enhancing communication.

Our process allows us to identify and separate, at a very early stage, genuine hardship from an unwillingness to cooperate. We have a variety of strategy-based workflows and an experienced team of care sector experts, skilled in negotiation, to ensure that you are paid the maximum possible, as quickly as possible.

Our pricing model:

  • We do purchase debt portfolios and will consider each opportunity on a case by case basis.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis – ‘no win no fee’

Key Benefits:

  • Access to a successful end to end solution for outsourced Care Sector Accounts Receivable
  • Established contact network
  • Collaborative working practices with incumbent credit control team.
  • Improved cashflow
  • No reputational risk
  • Regular reporting

About us:

  • CCICM is a multi-award winning company.
  • 35 years’ experience in managing credit control.
  • We work for Governments, Banks, Accountants, Asset Based Lenders, Turnaround Professionals, Private Equity Firms, Multinationals and SMEs
  • Headquartered in UK with 90 partner offices worldwide.
  • FCA authorised and regulated ISO27001 & 9001

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If you would like further information about any of our services, please call our sales department on +44 (0) 1766 772288, alternatively send us an email, or visit our Contact Page for further options

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