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Funded Litigation

Funded Litigation

CCI prides itself on its ability to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. Cross border litigation is frequently both complex and problematic due to multiple jurisdictions, conflicts of laws, uncertain outcomes and hard to trace assets. To eliminate some of that uncertainty CCICM has created a funded litigation service.

No Win No Fee

Funded litigation provides a means of litigating cases which are either high in value with uncertain outcomes or the litigation / enforcement costs are prohibitively high. In funded cases all costs associated with recovering the monies owed, such as the costs of litigation, asset investigations and enforcement, are pre-funded by CCI. Where a case is won and / or monies are recovered, all the costs of the litigation are paid out of the recovered funds. In other words – no win no fee.

Advantages to Clients

  • No up-front fees
  • Risk free
  • Clients benefit from our expertise
  • CCICM is able to locate and freeze assets legally in many countries around the world

Funded litigation is the most applicable to high value claims.  It is not limited to any particular sector and is applicable to private, sovereign or quasi-sovereign.  We have relevant experience in countries of high political risk.

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