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Insurance Cost Recovery

Healthcare Insurance Cost Recovery

CCI currently assists over 75% of UK NHS Trusts to recover potential lost revenue. We have been doing this for more than 30 years and over that time have recovered hundreds of millions of pounds.

One of the services we provide is insurance cost recovery.  As private patient billing is such an important source of revenue to many NHS Trusts it is vital that all potential revenue is realised.

Forensic Billing

Our consultants are experts in forensic billing and have assisted many Trusts to identify significant volumes of otherwise lost revenue. Once identified, we will assist in the recovery process.

Examples Of Recovered Revenue

Trust A

North London £1.4 million

Trust B

West Country £0.75 million

Trust C

Central London £1 million

All of our fees are paid out of recovered funds meaning the service is effectively free. Book an appointment for our consultant to visit and identify how much lost revenue we can identify and recover.

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