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35 Years’ Experience In International & UK Debt Collection


Our Beliefs, Purpose, Aims, & Goals

CCICM is a fair, ethical, and transparent business that prioritises innovation, creativity, and regulatory compliance. We continuously invest in all of our people and systems, to deliver global, client-driven, solutions and best practice. Our Mission is to provide worldwide collections that both meet our clients’ expectations, and conform to the highest, global, regulatory standards.

Corporate Worldwide

We sustain our strong Corporate Values, Vision, a Mission, and Core Objectives wherever we operate around the world. CCICM trusts that our clients and organisations in the Public, Private, Corporate, and Third sectors – as well as their customers – approve of, and agree with, our philosophy reasons for being in business.

Company Heritage & Awards

CCICM is unique because each specialist recovery service and core collection practice has grown strategically and deliberately – through a process of conceptualisation, implementation, and quality management – since the firm was founded 35 years ago.

CCICM’s overall philosophy, culture, and practice makes us a multi-award winning company.

Other Languages

Please see our other translated language pages for: Chinese; Russian; German; French; Spanish; and Polish.

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