Meet the CCICM Team

Carl Hackman


Carl Hackman is the Strategic & Compliance Director of CCICM and the CEO of the unique International Credit Exchange (ICE) Partnership. Prior to this, for many years Carl was a barrister in private independent practice. He specialised in prosecuting and defending cases of serious financial fraud. Carl’s legal career also included a significant amount of international commercial fraud including serious and high-value money laundering.

Carl joined CCICM in 2005 and, after 10 years, was instrumental in setting up the International Credit Exchange (ICE) the largest collection agency network in the world which coves over 100 countries. Carl is integral to the strategic implementation of many new core and ancillary services to grow both CCICM and ICE.

Paul Hackman


Paul Hackman is a Company founder and has been a CCICM Director for the last 30 years. Although currently in charge of UK Collections, Paul works closely with all departments to ensure the entire process from Sales through to Litigation is as seamless as possible. Paul oversees all new debt portfolios to ensure quality of data and to establish collectability, portfolio training, pre-authorisation limits and data reporting. Paul also oversees the collection processes and the post collection process to ensure CCICM improve on future collections

Paul regularly meets with our international partners, and attends conferences to ensure compliance with best practice in both the UK and internationally.

Rebecca Davies


Rebecca Davies is CCICM’s Office Manager, responsible for ensuring the utmost quality in every aspect of our business. Rebecca is a senior manager and has worked for CCICM for ten years, overseeing ISO27001 and ISO9001 implementations as well as the BAU governance of monitoring auditing and re-certifying.

During her time at CCICM, Rebecca has been a collector of high-value cases and portfolios, Consumer Collections Manager, Litigation Manager, Quality Manager, and Human Resources officer due to her academic qualifications in employment law (including the Legal Practice Course at a law school) and has successfully completed a course with the Institute in Leadership and Management.

Witold Chojnowski

Sales Consultant (UK)

Witold Chojnowski is a UK Sales Consultant and is responsible for CCI Receivables Recovery (CCIRR), an in-house division of CCICM formed in 2018 to offer specialist services to the banking, accountancy, and insolvency sectors. CCIRR provides Account Review, Collect-Out, and Credit Management Advisory support.

Witold is a hugely-experienced and highly-regarded consultant with a reputation for relationship-building and reciprocity. Witold retired as a department head of a ‘Big Four’ UK accountancy firm after 30 years however, having known CCICM as both a supplier and a client for over 10 years he was keen to remain active in recoveries.

Graeme Harley

Head of Credit Management Advisory Services and Recoveries

Graeme Harley is a UK Sales Consultant and works closely with Witold Chojnowski to promote CCICM and ICE into potential new markets in the Asset-Based Lending (ABL) and Insolvency Practitioner communities.

Graeme has spent his working life in UK and international debt recovery and has 22 years experience with a major High Street and investment bank; three years with a collection agency looking after banking clients; and 10 years with a top-10, independent audit, tax, and consulting firm.

Mike Connolly

Consultant – Offshore Debts Team

CCI Credit Management (CCICM) has partnered with a hugely experienced and highly regarded consultant to support our already successful service in Overseas Debt Recovery. Mike Connolly has specialised in this area for over 25 years and brings with him a depth of knowledge and experience.

Mike is Principal Author of the Central Law Training Specialist Paralegal Qualification in Debt Recovery (accredited by the University of the Strathclyde and the University of the West of England) and is a regular ‘keynote’ speaker and broadcaster on credit control and debt recovery matters throughout Europe. Mike also chairs several major UK debt recovery conferences and to date nearly 50,000 individual delegates have attended one of his training courses in debt recovery.

In addition Mike’s 22 years experience in training debt recovery teams in all aspects of credit control, debt recovery and related law, will be key to ensuring the CCICM collections team are continually trained and work within these very challenging guidelines.

Tanya Sonko

ICE Manager

Tanya is expanding and improving all operational aspects of ICE – particularly on-boarding additional international agents, and guiding them through the rigorous and highly-compliant regulatory demands. Tanya also drives the proliferation of extra ancillary services and promotes attendance at our annual ICE conference. This drives growth momentum in partnership with law firms, collections agencies, and partners, around the world.

Sarah Holmes

Client Care Manager

Sarah Holmes is CCICM’s Client Care Manager. Her department provides expert support to all of our clients – either directly or through teams that handle their accounts – through reporting results, using our online portal, and providing full transparency. Sarah also trains staff on client best-practice to promote and maximise performance and improve communication.

Sarah became manager in 2018 after various other management roles within Collections, Administration, and Data Entry, which provided a wealth of knowledge about CCICM and the wider industry. She has worked at CCICM since 2006, specialising in portfolio and aged debt recovery in the UK and Internationally on Commercial and Consumer files. Sarah has a qualification in Training, Communications, and Business Management.

Tom Dutton

Business Development Sales and Client Care

Tom Dutton is CCICM’s Healthcare Manager and is at the forefront of healthcare clients’ requirements for both the NHS and Private Sector. Tom manages clients from the UK and Overseas both Consumer and Commercial (including Adult Social Care) and has unrivalled sector expertise globally.

Tom is a highly-skilled negotiator and uses sophisticated strategies to help resolve complex inter-organisational disputes. He was largely responsible for CCICM becoming the only collection agency lawfully entitled to handle NHS patient data. Tom is the company’s longest-serving employee of 20 years which began as a collector, and is now qualified in the Institute of Leadership & Management.

David Hughes

Operations & Collections Manager

David is the new Collections & Operations Manager at CCICM. David has over 16 years‘ experience in Retail & Logistics. Results driven, client-focused and highly skilled in customer service, David is rapidly and dynamically transferring years of retail environment knowledge into the financial sector. David has a background of managing high turnover businesses with a focus keen focus on delivering KPIs.

Having gained valuable knowledge and experience in cross-border collections, international compliance, and international collections regulations his previous role as ICE General Manager, David is now bringing a new dynamic to CCICM’s collections strategies. David is working closely with all departments of the business from Sales & Client Care, through to Legal & Accounts.

Through developing and researching new innovations to increase the efficiency of collections strategies David is continuing to build on the companies continued growth.

David is committed to the continued development and delivery of excellent collections results, whilst keeping the best interests of customers and clients at heart.

Kun (Christine) Jiao

Project Manager - China

Kun (Christine) Jiao specializes in business development and client liaison in China. She excels in advising and communicating with major trade credit insurance agencies on best practice provision for export businesses. Kun has extensive experience in International debt recovery and asset realisation.

Prior to joining CCICM, Kun was a freelance writer on Sino-UK matters when she moved to the UK. In China, Kun was an editor for a Chinese media company, based in Beijing. Kun has a Masters Degree in Media Communications Culture and is a native Mandarin speaker.

Olga Zadoroznaja

Overseas Manager

Olga Zadoroznaja is the Overseas Manager and is responsible for all aspects of International Collections including processing all the information through our global network of fully-compliant agents. Olga is a proactive and client-focused leader in an ever-changing sector and has worked for CCICM for 10 years.

Olga has a degree in Hospitality Management, and later obtained an Institute of Leadership & Management Level 5 in Management, after a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 2 in Business & Administration.

Heulwen Jones

Consumer Collections Manager

Heulwen Jones is CCICM’s Consumer Collections manager. She started working at CCICM in the collections department in 2012 and progressed to manager in 2017. Heulwen’s role is to oversee the team that recovers Consumer Clients’ monies from their customers, liaising closely with other department managers.

Heulwen has gained wealth of knowledge within the consumer sector and ensures that all dealings with customers are fair and fully-transparent, recognising that the nationally-recognised Treating Customers Fairly policy underpins CCICM’s entire approach to consumer debt recovery.
Heulwen has also successfully completed a course with The Institute of Leadership and Management.

Ceri Parry

Trace & Investigations Officer

Ceri was trained by a former Police intelligence instructor in London, and has provided CCICM with a broad knowledge on finding (tracing and investigating) harder-to-reach individuals and companies who may owe money to our clients.
Ceri conducts legal, ethical, and completely-compliant tracing and investigating services - using 21st-century technology in the UK and internationally. She also instructs and reports on site visits by our trusted network of approved and regulated, national field agents. Prior to working for CCICM, Ceri gained valuable experience of our clients’ customers in our Consumer and Overseas collections teams, and the Administration department.

Tracey Hully

Litigation Manager

Tracey Hully is CCICM’s Litigation Manager. Tracey has been fortunate to work in several areas of the business, which has greatly increased her knowledge and experience of debt collection and legal action in the UK.
Tracey began as a credit controller in collections before moving to work with the accounts team. Since then Tracey has worked with the client care team before moving to work in litigation where she spent three years as an assistant. Tracey works with both pre-judgment and post-judgment/enforcement cases and is now the litigation manager.