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Healthcare debt recovery


CCI Credit Management has worked in close partnership with healthcare providers for 30 years and is the UK’s leading healthcare debt recovery agency.

Working with over 75% of hospitals and trusts within the UK, supporting the whole debt recovery cycle from approach to litigation, we are without doubt, the most experienced and specialist healthcare collection agency in the United Kingdom.

We have developed expertise unmatched by any other agency and have devised the most relevant, sophisticated and effective strategies for ensuring revenue streams are protected. These strategies and services available from CCICM have been developed to deal with the issues typically encountered within healthcare as follows:

Our Healthcare Strategy

  • Patient Debt
  • Worldwide Collections
  • Medico-legal Collections
  • Customer Retention
  • Cost
  • Account Management
  • Full Online Account Access
  • Litigation
  • Insurance Companies / Third Parties

  • Overseas Visitors
  • Liaising with Embassies
  • Salary Overpayments
  • Private Healthcare
  • Inter NHS/Local Government
  • Insurance Companies
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Invoicing

Security And Compliance Assured

Always Handled With Care

This area of debt collection calls for sensitivity, caution and meticulous care. All of our collectors are trained to deal with the principles of medical confidentiality, data protection, complex insurance protocols and overseas collections. We represent clients professionally and with integrity which is core to our approach focusing on client satisfaction and protecting their interests.

NHS Information Governance

CCICM is currently the only debt collection agency which complies with the NHS Information Governance Standard, and therefore is the only agency lawfully entitled to handle patient data. This ensures that we maintain full and accurate information in a confidential and secure environment.

Worldwide Compliance Assured

Compliance is the cornerstone of everything we do. Every telephone call is recorded, and no piece of data ever leaves our control. The standards we have achieved are far more than just ticking boxes. They are a true measure of the seriousness we take towards our obligations to you and your customers.

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