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High Value Accounts

High-Value Accounts

Award-winning collections specialists with over 35 years’ experience resolving complex commercial disputes worldwide


Increasingly, global clients are contracting CCI Credit Management (CCICM) to resolve specialised, cross-border, high-value accounts worth up to £100 million.
With such multi-national accounts and portfolios, CCICM can mobilise its full range of core debt collection and ancillary legal, credit, and asset recovery services to maximise your revenues while protecting your reputation.


CCICM specialises in collecting high-value, commercial debt all over the world. Frequently, these accounts involve complex contractual disputes, fraudulent debtor entities, or those who are simply in financial difficulties.
Our specialist team of experts is quickly able to get to the root of the issue and prepare strategies accordingly, calling upon a vast array of resources depending upon the requirements of each individual case.

Global Reach

Another reason for our success is our ability to operate globally. Many of our cases are in the third or developing world, Asia, and the CIS. While countries in these areas may present their own unique challenges, we have the resources on the ground to ensure the full range of options is available to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

Experience Pays

The team comprises of lawyers, accountants, and expert negotiators who are all vastly experienced in resolving complex commercial disputes. Typical account values range from the hundreds of thousands up to £100m. They know how to resolve issues quickly and bring about the best possible outcome in the most cost-efficient manner.

Innovative Solutions

One reason for our success is our ability to deploy a wide range of solutions all over the world. If we cannot achieve an amicable outcome, we can litigate on a fixed- or contingent-fee basis.
We use expert investigators and law firms to identify and freeze global assets, and we provide financial restructuring. In short, we are able to deliver solutions tailored to the individual needs of the account.

Recovery Story

Gambling Portfolio

One of the world’s top four accountancy firms requested CCI Credit Management handle a very large global portfolio – many thousands of mixed-value files worth tens of millions of pounds – accrued from mainly Asian consumer gambling debts on the financial markets. After scoping the portfolio, a CCICM Director visited China and Hong Kong to develop specific collection strategies for the Asian market.

Most Successful Ever!

A Director and our Overseas Collections Manager then devised a highly-bespoke service – including tailor-making Non-Disclosure Agreements with suppliers, and specialist results reporting – to recover 10 times the anticipated debt value!

In terms of business impact, the accountancy firm has since described this portfolio as “the most successful collect-out operation” in their history!
Ultimately their bank client was delighted with the service CCICM provided and repeat business ensued.

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